Why Choose MUC?

We are a team. As such our handpicked Artists share ideas with each other to inspire, innovate and be ahead of trends within the industry.

As a team we work well together. There is shared creativity and the team ethos allows our artists to gel with other teams wherever they work, be it on a photo shoot or in your home on your wedding day.

They have been trained by industry experts who have shared invaluable experience and knowledge. We value our Artists talent and ensure they are ready to work in the industry.

As professional’s we know how long hair and make-up can take. For wedding parties or larger groups we allocate more artists rather than less time spent on a client.

Our artists use premium branded products such as Chanel, Dior, NARS, MAC, Charlotte Tilbury. Following training in a certified school our artists have fantastic product knowledge and will use what is right for the client.

We understand that for special days and events a client needs to feel special. Our artists are reliable, personable, punctual and go out of their way to ensure the focus is on the client’s experience.

Our Artists are all fully insured.