Team Terms and Conditions

This is an agreement between ‘Makeup Central’ and yourself the 'Makeup Artist'.
This is a standard agreement between Makeup Central and the named Makeup Artist on the Application Form, who will at all times represent Makeup Central on assignments, events and on social media.
• You are employed as a Freelance Makeup-Artist (MUA) on a casual, freelance basis.
• You will agree to represent Makeup Central in the capacity of assignments, events and on social media. Work can be anything from private clients, corporate bookings, events, bridal and shoots.

1) Our duty is to provide suitable artists who fit the specifications given to us by the client.
2) All Makeup Central make-up artists (MUAs) must be IMA trained and hold full public liability insurance. Copies must be held by management of Makeup Central
3) All Artists are to act as Makeup Central representatives whilst on a job for the company. Strictly no personal business cards to be issued out to Makeup Central clients.
4) If a client wishes to rebook a service, then they must be referred back to Makeup Central Management for bookings. Failure to do so could be seen as an artist poaching clients from Makeup Central.
5) Jobs will be issued on a first come first serve basis, unless the client requests a particular artist or a certain artist is able to offer more advanced services such as nails/hair or airbrushing.
6) Once the artist has been confirmed for the job they are expected to carry out the job, unless an exceptional circumstance has arisen. In which case, Makeup Central management should be informed at the earliest possible instance. Management will then find a replacement. Under no circumstance should jobs be swapped between artists without management being informed.
7) If an artist receives more than two separate complaints from clients or pulls out from a job without good reason on more than two occasions, Makeup Central reserve the right to no longer include the artist on the team.
8) Artists found to be undercutting Makeup Central or poaching Makeup Central Clients to act as their own clients will instantly be removed from the team and banned from Makeup Central.
9) The artist would not be expected to complete more than 6 clients per job. Should the client request more than 6 people per booking, two artists will be sent to the job and the fee will be distributed evenly between the two artists.
10) Regular contact between Management and Artist ideally should be kept on a weekly basis in order for Makeup Central to operate effectively and efficiently. Artists should email every Monday their availability for work that week. Simply stating ‘I am free on x x x days. Weekends and Evenings are inevitable for this line of work; therefore, we ask that if you are happy to be part of the Makeup Central Freelance team you factor this into your work life.
11) Marketing material will be provided for each artist and as a representative of Makeup Central we would expect you to issue out the Makeup Central Flyers and Business cards where appropriate.
12) Makeup Central encourages use of all social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and would like each artist to actively use and tag the agency. However, please do note that Makeup Central is a high end professional make-up service and any use of inappropriate tweets or tags to Makeup Central social media that are deemed inappropriate by management, the company image or name will be removed and the Artist will be informed

1) The artist’s role is on a freelance basis, therefore Makeup Central have no obligation to provide set hours/days/jobs for the artist. Jobs will be distributed fairly and evenly to the best of our ability and subject to the above (Section 5)
2) The artist will each hold a copy, and be well informed of the costings per job, therefore the artist has the right to accept or not accept jobs as they come in. The artist will be responsible for making sure they calculate each week or month the total of job and cost per job. This needs to be displayed clearly on an invoice, stating the client name, job reference, date and description. All invoices can be submitted weekly/monthly to Makeup Central Management.
3) Makeup Central will take full payment from the client ahead of the service. Once the job has been completed by the artist, the artist will then invoice Makeup Central for the jobs taken each week/month.
4) Makeup Central will ensure prompt payment on receipt of invoice.
5) Artists are responsible for their own tax and national insurance and it is strongly advised to register with HMRC as sole trader.
6) Makeup Central Management will negotiate travel cost per mile if a job is outside of the Birmingham area or outside of a reasonable travel distance. This will be discussed with artist and payment for travel will be collected by the artist on the day of the job.

All artists are to follow and adhere to the following Makeup Central rules and regulations.
• No chipped polish on nails
• Hair groomed and off the face
• Immaculate kit and clean brushes
• Black clothes (unless given a Makeup Central Event t-shirt to be worn for events)
• No inappropriate clothing, such as short skirts, cleavage on show etc.
• Well stocked disposable hygiene and antibacterial hand gel.

1) The artist/s must conduct himself or herself in a polite, friendly and professional manner and in accordance with this Code of Conduct at all times when engaged on an assignment
2) Makeup Central will be taking full personal details from each client and will make your safety a priority. Management will make an informed decision to the best of their ability on each client and job and respect the wishes of the artists should they feel they would not like to accept a job. For example a job which requires make-up for a male etc.
3) Once the artist has confirmed the job, a detailed email will be sent to the artist containing the client’s name, address and details of the job, contact details and email. The client will also be sent a booking confirmation with the artist’s name and contact details.
4) Use of appropriate and professional language is to be used at all times, regardless of how well you know the client. Do not use kisses, terms of endearment or slang phrases. Emails and Texts should start with ‘Dear Kate’ and end with ‘Best Wishes’ for example.
5) The artist is responsible for finding their own way and arriving on time to the job. Lateness on more than one occasion will not be accepted and may result in the artist being taken off the team.
6) Makeup Central trusts that the artist acts appropriately, maturely and professionally on each job at all times.
7) In the unusual circumstance that the artist feels they are being treated inappropriately or unfairly by a client. They are to contact management immediately. In the extremely rare case that the artist feels the nature of the clients is acting in an abusive, sexually inappropriate or racist manner then the artist reserves the right to leave the job immediately. Management must be contacted as soon as possible with full details of the incident. Makeup Central cannot be liable for any loss, damage, injury or event that takes place once an assignment has ended.
At all times during an assignment, the artist is to be an ambassador for Makeup Central and shall not make any detrimental comments about the agency or any of its clients or personnel.
9) Confidentiality of Makeup Central must be observed at all times. Artists are not permitted to
discuss internal business or financial matters with clients or other artists.

Drug Abuse and Intoxication
Intoxication resulting from the use of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited on at all times. Makeup Central has a zero tolerance policy on drug abuse by their personnel during assignments and during the course of representing Makeup Central at any time. If you are found to be intoxicated during an assignment, or at a time of representing Makeup Central in any way shape or form, we reserve the right to remove the artist from the team with immediate effect.
Makeup Central reserves the right to change or amend these Terms & Conditions as appropriate at any time. Any changes or amendments to this statement will be notified to you immediately.